• Day 01 | Antananarivo - Ankarafantsika | Bungalow of the park
  • Day 02 | Ankarafantsika - Antsohihy | Hotel Belle Vue
  • Day 03 | Antsohihy - Ankarana | Hotel Relais de l'Ankarana
  • Day 04 | Ankarana | Hotel Relais de l'Ankarana
  • Day 05 | Ankarana | Hotel Relais de l'Ankarana
  • Day 06 | Ankarana - Ankify - Nosy Be | Hotel Nosy Lodge
  • Day 07 | Nosy Be | Hotel Nosy Lodge
  • Day 08 | Nosy Be | Hotel Nosy Lodge
  • Day 09 | Nosy Be - Ankify - Antsohihy | Hotel Belle Vue
  • Day 10 | Antsohihy - Antananarivo | Hotel NOT INCLUDED


This tour is the key to discover the north of Madagascar by 4x4. Driving from Antananarivo to Ankarafantsika and Ankarana, this tour to the northern part of Madagascar is a real cultural mosaic and inspirational landscape. It allows you to discover the must to see of this area and to dedicate much more time for Nosy Be by yourselves. The hill of Tampoketsa, the dry and dense forest of Ankarafantsika national park, the tsingy of Ankarana with his suspended bridge, and the beauty of the red tsingy are the highlights of this itinerary. The cacao and the perfume of Ylang-Ylang will introduce you to the charm of Nosy Be with his white sand beaches and small islands. You will spend three nights/two days in Nosy Be before driving back to Antananarivo.

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Day 01 Antananarivo - Ankarafantsika

The driver pick you up at your hotel as early as possible in order to avoid traffic in Antananarivo during the day time. Your journey starts with a long drive from Antananarivo to Ankarafantsika accross hills and villages. Along the way we will pass the impressive falls of the Betsiboka. Recommended lunch at a local restaurant in Maevatanana (on your expense). The color of the betsiboka river offers a nice panorama and makes it a good place to have a pause. The bridge of Kamory is one of the biggest infrastructure built during the colonisation and rennovated in 2016 by Malagasy government with the same model. You drive past the cross road to the north at Ambondromamy for Ankarafantsika national park. In the late afternoon, you will arrive at Ankarafantsika National Park. Night in a bungalow of the park.

Day 02 Ankarafantsika - Antsohihy

Visit of Ankarafantsika national park in the morning : Over 800 tree species are present and many of them are endemic to Madagascar. Notable examples include the flowering bush mpanjakabenitany (Baudouinia fluggeiformis), the katrafay (Cedrelopsis grevei) used in traditional medicine, the small tree lohavato (Hymenodictyon occidental) and a large tree with conspicuous flowers called sakoanala (Poupartia silvatica). The native fauna of Madagascar are well represented with ten species of amphibian and 44 reptile species. Visitor can see two ground-dwelling boa constrictor snakes Acrantophis madagascariensis and Sanzinia madagascariensis, and the rare terrestrial snake Liophidium therezieni. There are eight species of lemur all included. It is called the kingdom of birds since one hundred and twenty nine species of birds have been recorded in the park, more than half of them endemic to Madagascar.
Right after the visit, you will take the picnic lunch (on your expense) and drive back to Ambondromamy from where you turn north towards Antsohihy. We pass through several villages of Tsimihety. Arrival scheduled in Antsohihy in late afternoon. You may see kids washing the zebu while swimming with them accross a river on their way home. You can buy fruit like mango or jackfruit from roadside depending to the season. Tour of the village of Antsohihy after check-in. Night at hotel Belle Vue. Night at hotel Belle Vue

Day 03 Antsohihy - Ankarana

Departure to Ankarana after Breakfast at the hotel. All along the road, you may see some chameleons crossing the paved roads. Visit of small forest of Cofee at Ankaramy to see the Chameleons Pink Ankaramy. Past Ambanja, you can see various species of chameleons including the panther chameleons. Ambanja is the former center of the Sambirano region known for the plantation of cocoa, vanilla, cashew beans, Pepper, Ylang Ylang and Pink Berries. Young men practice the « Malagasy boxe » called Morengy every Sunday and moonlight. Despite the lack of infrastrure, you can see that the Malagasy government had a high consideration to this region and built the old long bridges in Sofia, Mahavavy, Sambirano river. People from Ambanja to the top north of Madagascar eat Kath every day in afternoon. Arrival to Ankarana national park late in afternoon. Night at hotel Relais de l'Ankarana

Day 04 Ankarana

Full day to visit the Ankarana National Park :
The Ankarana National Park is characterised by limestone emerging from a basaltic plain 50m above sea level, forming the tsingy asa sharp limestone karst pinnacles. Numerous underground caves and canyons traverse the massif. Its dense forests support one of the largest populations of crowned lemurs. Sanford's brown lemur, perrier's black lemur, northern sportive lemur and dwarf lemurs, ringtailed mongoose, fossa, tenrecs and Madagascar striped civet are also a common sight. Almost 100 bird species, 50 reptiles including some endemic and threatened snakes and geckos, and 10 frogs cohabit in the Park. Inside the spectacular and huge labyrinth of caves there are also 14 bat species, local endemic blind shrimps and the world's only known cave-living crocodiles. The itinerary depends to your brieffing with the guide of the park and it is highly recommended to discover the Tsingy Rary or the turrets of the tsingy. Night at hotel Relais de l'Ankarana

Day 05 Ankarana

Departure from Mahamasina in the morning. Drive past Anivorano village to the tsingy Rouge. From Ankarana to the north, the road becomes bad (broken tar) but the beautiful landscape will compress the travel time. Drive offroad to the « Tsingy Rouges», the red tsingy, through the mountains. The Red Tsingy is composed of sandstone, marl and limestone. Their balance is fragile. A little walk in the area, then drive back to Ankarana. Night at hotel Relais de l'Ankarana

Day 06 Ankarana - Ankify - Nosy Be

Drive to Ankify which is a small harbour from where you can reach Nosy Be on an half an hour crossing with local speed boat. End of the service of the driver once you are on the boat to Nosy Be. Transfer by boat (included) to Nosy Be. Transfer from the dock to the hotel in Nosy Be. Activity to check at the hotel in afternoon. Night at the hotel Nosy Lodge

Day 07, 08 Nosy Be

Activity to check in Nosy Be (in your expense) :
Following activities are highly recommended according to what you expect to do/to see during your stay :
-Lokobe reserve : although you can see lemurs in some places like Mont Passot, it is recommended to visit Lokobe National Park to see several lemur species including the black lemur. It’s also home of most of Nosy Be’s remaining endemic vegetation like ylang-ylang, vanilla orchids and ravenala. The island is known for having the world’s smallest frog and chameleon species, the specific colour of panther chameleon, boa constrictors, and owls.
- Lemuria Land : it is a private zoological and botanical park to learn more about different species of lemurs in the middle of a ylang-ylang plantation. Find out the whole process of turning flowers into a valuable essential oil.
- Ampangorinana is the Nosy Komba’s main village. Surrounded by rocks, this little island is also called Ambariovato. Apart from its lemurs and emerald-like waters, it has an interesting craft market with cutwork embroidery
- The sacred banyan tree of Mahatsinjo : This is a sacred place for pilgrimage with enormous sacred banyan tree. It seems that it is planted by the Queen of the Sakalava tribe in 1836. People come here to ask for benediction.
- Discover amazing marine life and sea activity : As you are on island, you can find beach everywhere even if most of people will recommend Nosy Iranja or Andilana. There is also plenty of places for sea activity around. In the warm tropical waters you’ll be able to find a beautiful coral reef and enjoy the rare opportunity to swim with sea turtles, humpback whales, or whale sharks depending to the season.

Day 09 Nosy Be - Ankify - Antsohihy

After the breakfast at the restaurant of the hotel, transfer to the port of Nosy Be from where you take a boat back to Ankify (transfer hotel-port and boat transfer from Nosy Be to Ankify are included). You meet the driver outside of the port of Ankify and start to drive to Antsohihy passing by Ambanja. It will be along road but you can stop according to the interest. Night at the hotel Belle Vue

Day 10 Antsohihy - Antananarivo

Early departure to Antananarivo. This is a long drive back to Antananarivo - Stop according to the interest. Hotel NOT INCLUDED

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