• Day 01 | Antananarivo - Antsirabe |Hotel Trianom
  • Day 02 | Antsirabe - Ranomafana | Hotel Ihary
  • Day 03 | Ranomafana - Manakara | Hotel Antemoro
  • Day 04 | Manakara - Farafangana - Vangaindrano | Hotel Tropical
  • Day 05 | Vangaindrano - Sandravinany - Manantenina | Hotel Chez Mme Pety
  • Day 06 | Manantenina - Fort Dauphin | Hotel Lavasoa
  • Day 07 | Fort Dauphin - Berenty | Hotel Berenty Lodge
  • Day 08 | Berenty | Hotel Berenty Lodge
  • Day 09 | Berenty - Tsiombe - Betanty (Faux Cap) | Hotel Libertalia
  • Day 10 | Betanty - Lavanono | Hotel Chez Gigi
  • Day 11 | Lavanono | Hotel Chez Gigi
  • Day 12 | Lavanono - Itampolo | Hotel Chez Pierot
  • Day 13 | Itampolo - Ambola - Anakao | Hotel Peter Pan
  • Day 14 | Anakao | Hotel Peter Pan
  • Day 15 | Anakao - Toliara - Ranohira | Hotel H1
  • Day 16 | Isalo | Hotel H1
  • Day 17 | Ranohira - ANJA - Fianarantsoa | Hotel Cotsoyanis
  • Day 18 | Fianarantsoa - Antananarivo | Hotel NOT INCLUDED


SOBEHA TOUR invites you to explore the Deep South – east and west - passing by Ranomafana, Manakara, Vangaindrano, Sandravinany, Manantenina, Fort Dauphin, Faux Cap, Lavanono, Itampolo, Anakao, Toliara and Isalo. This adventure road offers a nice view in contact with welcoming people. The coastline from Fort-Dauphin to Tulear will delight lovers of great spaces and breathtaking landscapes. Berenty reserve is a must to see with the troupe of Verreaux’s sifakas or dancing sifaka, ring-tailed lemurs, redfronted brown lemurs and birds. Your adventure continues along the « Spiny road » to Betanty or Faux Cap. You will also visit the special reserve of Cap Sainte Marie, or Tanjona Vohimena, the top south of Madagascar Island. There, you can watch huge cliffs, the lighthouse, the curious spider tortoise or Pyxis arachnoides, and the extreme south landscapes. You will enjoy the view to the coastal dunes and unexplored heavenly beaches of the south. From Fort Dauphin to Tulear, you will meet different ethnic groups including Antanosy, Mahafaly, Antandroy, and Vezo. Priority to the zebu or to the radiated tortoise Geochelone radiate on the track. You will visit the National park of Isalo and ANJA reserve on the way back to Antananarivo. This economy package doesn't require any internal flight


Day 01 Antananarivo - Antsirabe

You start to drive towards Antsirabe, stopping on the way to take some photos of the beautiful scenery, rice paddies and red hills. People build red bricks for house construction from the rice paddies. You can stop in Ambatolampy to see how they make pans and cooking-pots with recycled aluminum. Far of 100km from Ambatolampy, the city of Antsirabe has neither dense forests nor particularly endemic animals, but it’s a magnet for people who are looking for a quiet and inspiring place. This is the favourite place for european people who live in Madagascar from the colonization time. After check-in at the hotel, we drive past the lake of Andraikiba to the Tritriva lake : A beautiful lake of volcanic origin with dark colour due to its considerable depth of more than 100 meters. You will enjoy to hike and to stumble across an emerald green lake surrounded by pine trees where two lovers ended their romance when their parents didn’t allow them to stay together. The lake’s shape evokes the map of Madagascar. Night at hotel Trianon.

Day 02 Antsirabe - Ranomafana

Before driving to Ranomafana, we will visit some of the craft shops and their working places in Antsirabe to produce the handicraft made of horn of zebu, tiny bikes from recycled metals and embroidery of the daily life of Madagascar. At 100km from Antsirabe, you arrive to Ambositra. This is the biggest city next to the Zafimaniry villages who are very talented on woodcarving and all handicraft made of wood. You will stop to see how they work on it before visiting the market of 100 shops for more or less same articles. Before midday, we stop for lunch (on your expense) in Ambositra and there may be the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Malagasy meal then see a high-land folk dance from Imerina and Betsileo at the hotel Artisan. You continue driving to Ranomafana. Nightwalk next to the national park of Ranomafana. Night at hotel Ihary

Day 03 Ranomafana - Manakara

This day you visit Ranomafana national park : after breakfast, you drive to the entrance of the national park and you will start your daytime visit to this beautiful humid tropical forest. In this misty rainforest, covering elevations of 500–1,500 metres, numerous endangered lemur species can be found here, including the Milne-Edwards’ sifaka, different species of bamboo lemurs and black-and-white ruffed lemurs. A variety of other animals also exist in this cloud forest, such as satanic leaf-tailed geckos, elusive ground rollers and streaked tenrecs. Lunch at the restaurant (on your expense) in Ranomafana.
Departure to Manakara in afternoon. Arrival scheduled late in afternoon. Night at hotel Antemoro

Day 04 Manakara - Farafangana - Vangaindrano

After breakfast, you leave Manakara and try to reach Vangaindrano. You begin the discovery of the south-eastern part of Madagascar while passing by the village of Vohipeno. The tiny road is also the market of the village. No wonder, you are in the capital of the native Malagasy Muslim people or Arab descendants in Madagascar. The history of the famous paper Antemoro started in this region. Farafangana offers a total change of scenery. They have a very colourful market where local inhabitants will try to sell you all the region’s flagship products of the season amongst coffee, cloves, pepper, rice, fruits. Three main ethnic groups live there : the Antefasy, the Zafizoro and the Rabakara. At 75 km away from Farafangana, Vangaindrano is the end of the RN12. Night at hotel Tropical

Day 05 Vangaindrano - Sandravinany - Manantenina

Early departure from Vangaindrano and road to Sandravinany. Picnic lunch along the way. You will start to enjoy the offroad atmosphere. You will cross the river of Masianaka and Manambondro by ferry before arriving to Sandravinany.

Continuation to Manantenina along typical landscapes of the East Coast: small houses, rice fields, lush vegetation ... There are three river to cross by ferry : Befasy, Maroroy, and Manampanihy. You can have a break according to your interest when you feel tired or to enjoy the region and get in touch with local people. Manantenina is located on the banks of the Manampanihy River. Madagascar mining reports that there is the major bauxite deposit. Night at hotel La Pinetta Chez Mme Pety

Day 06 Manantenina - Fort Dauphin

Last step before Fort Dauphin or Taolagnaro. Early departure from Manantenina heading to Fort Dauphin, through a flat landscape characterized by the South East humid climate and its beautiful forest … This day, you will cross the river of Esama, Manambato, Iabokoho,, Vatomirindy and Ebakika by ferry and some of it has no outboards. As usual, you will loose time while waiting for the ferry. It is totally normal and no-one will complain in a mora-mora country where Malagasy people use the sun position for time and « time for cooking rice » to talk about duration. Arrival to Fort Dauphin in the afternoon.

Fort Dauphin is also called “Taolagnaro.” It was occupied by Europeans in the 17th century and served as a trading post. It has been baptized in honor of King Louis XIV. It could be one of Madagascar's premier resort towns if it weren't so far from everywhere else. After few days offroad, the sealed roads and street lights will is a nice thing. Night at hotel Lavasoa

Day 07 Fort Dauphin - Berenty

Your adventure in Deep South or « Spiny Road » starts this day. Departure to Berenty private reserve which is located in the middle of a sisal plantation. The vegetation change after the hill of Ranopiso included to the big hill of Anosy. Afternoon relax at the Terrasse of the lodge. Night at hotel Berenty Lodge

Day 08 Berenty

One full day dedicated to Berenty reserve : This small private reserve is one of the most famous reserves of Madagascar. This is also the last gallery of forests to be found along the banks of the Mandrare River. You will discover baobabs and sisal plantations, a plant whose leaves are used to make ropes or carpets. The natural heritage is constitued by the forest of Ifotaka. You will enjoy the moves with habituated ring-tailed lemurs, ‘dancing’ Verreaux’s sifakas and brown lemurs. You will also have the opportunity to discover imposing stone tombs with aloalo totem and horns of zebus which give a sacred side to this forest. In the continuity of your circuit, you can take advantage to visit Antandroy villages. It is obviously the best place for photography. Berenty is also excellent place for night walks. Don’t forget your torch with good battery to pick out the eyes of curious lemurs especially the mouse lemurs and the sportive lemurs. Stepping out of the forest at the end of a night walk, the sweep of stars across the sky is magnificent. Night at hotel Berenty Lodge

Day 09 Berenty - Tsiombe - Betanty (Faux Cap)

Satisfied of your stay in Berent reserve, you continue to travel along the « spiny roads » of the deep south area. You will feel a very pleasant contrast between the oceanic climate and the Great South’s heavy sun. You start to see more and more mahafaly and antandroy tombs. The Antandroy, one of the Malagasy ethnic groups, have erected tombs that shape an exceptional scenery of rare beauty, almost supernatural when you look at it from a distance. People are digging wells in the bed of a dry river to fetch water. The village of Betanty is home to fishermen who live simply within this natural and healthy environment. You will enjoy the beach of Faux Cap. Night at hotel Libertalia

Day 10 Betanty - Lavanono

This day you move from Betanty to Lavanono. None othe two villages is the top south of Madagascar. While Betanty is the Faux Cap, Lavanono is already on the west side of the top south. Drive from Betanty to Lavanono along sandy road. The name of Lavanono comes from the two hills surrounding the village like « two long brests ». Check-in and relax on the long beach of Lavanono. Night at hotel Chez Gigi

Day 11 Lavanono

Full day to visit the reserve of Cap Sainte Marie. Drive from Lavanono to Cap Saint Marie or Tanjona Vohimena is the most southern point of Madagascar beyond which there is only water until the ice of the South Pole. You can visit the old lighthouse for better panorama. It produce a visible light up to 37 miles away. The vegetation is mostly low and just consist of bushes, which in turn offer protection from the wind and sun to other smaller species. The real attraction of the national park of Cap Saint Marie is the population of torises : there are radiated tortoise or Geochelone radiata and the curious spider tortoise or Pyxis arachnoides which is endemic to this region. From June to October, you can contemplate the passage of humpback whales! Back to Lavanono by 4x4 after the visit. Night at hotel Chez Gigi

Day 12 Lavanono - Itampolo

This a long step to drive. This road is made of sandy tiny track bordered by spiny plants and aloe. The track from Lavanono to Itampolo along the coast is in poor condition. This track is passable only during the winter when the river of Menarandra and Linta are dry. In this remote area, farmers and ranchers are always welcoming even if they live in miserable huts of wood and mud. Money has almost no value. They will ask for bottles of mineral water and a few T-shirts, goods that they can not find anywhere there. The plants of Opuntia can be used to feed and water the zebu in case of heavy famine or drought. Cladodes contain a mucilage which is the water supply of the plant itself and zebu are able to refresh themselves by extracting the precious water. !!! Attention !!! When the Menarandra rivers is too high, you have to join the National Road and drive past Ampanihy. Night at hotel Chez Pierot

Day 13 Itampolo - Ambola - Anakao

You will drive passable sandy road along splendid coastline view of the Mozambique Channel.
The tiny village of Ambola is found on a remote corner of the reef. It is home to a charming boutique hotel and is wonderfully removed from all the world's noise. You go straight to reach Anakao in afternoon. Beach time on your arrival at the hotel. Night at hotel Peter Pan

Day 14 Anakao

The driver leave Anakao early in the morning and drive to Toliara while you will have one day relax on the one of best beaches around Toliara. Anakao is a traditional Vezo fishing village. You have two nights/one day there. Following activities are recommended (on your expense) if you want to do more than beach relax at the hotel:
- Visit of the village of Anakao : you can walk around to visit the village of Anakao and meet local people
- excursion to Nosy ve : it is a sacred small island right in front of the village of Anakao. There is no hotel on this island. You can get there with sailing-pirogue arranged with the fisherman of Anakao. The island is a sacred place for vezo people. It is surrounded by white sand and shallow clear stunning white beaches excellent for snorkelling.
- excursion to Nosy satrana : It is a small island about dozen kilometer south of Anakao. It is nice place for snorkelling with his white sand bottoms that refer sunlight and give a turquoise colors. Night at hotel Peter Pan

Day 15 Anakao - Toliara - Ranohira

Transfer by boat to Toliara in the morning. You can have a breakfast in Toliara as you are likely to have no time for breakfast at Anakao. You meet the driver in Toliara. Drive accross Sakaraha and Ilakaka known by gems dealers. Ilakaka was an old village in 90’s and it has become bigger after they have found saphire in there. This is the biggest city sapphire of Madagascar. Night at hotel H1

Day 16 Isalo

After breakfast, you drive to Isalo National Park, park the car and start to hike. You can choose your itinerary according to the brieffing with the local guide for a beautiful day of hiking, discovering the Isalo National Park, between deep canyons, plateaux, natural swimming pools. Isalo National Park was created in 1962. It is large of 100 km from North to South and unique in Madagascar thanks to its geological formation, dating from the Jurassic period. You can also find there an exceptionally rich fauna including natives rock reptiles. You will be able to spot endemic species of lemurs, birds, reptiles, plants and butterflies. The main ethnic group in this region is the Bara, living essentially of farming zebus and agriculture. Considered as descendent of the Bantu, the Bara are livestock breeders but also fierce warriors, proud and ready to give up their life to defend their freedom. Night at hotel H1

Day 17 Ranohira - ANJA - Fianarantsoa

On the road again ! You will discover different panorama of the RN7. Stop at Anja reserve : a forest of ficus, lianas and orchids developed in between a spectacular rock forming caves used as shelter by animals. In this lush green paradise live in small colonies the ringtailed lemurs, the symbol of Madagascar. They are easy to find and to make close-up photo as they spend a lot of time on the ground, on the rocks and on trees. The profit of Anja's reserve are managed by the AMI (Anja Miray) organization, and are donated to finance social and economical projects, which purposes are to improve crop yield, crafts development, health and education towards the villagers. A short visit of paper Antaimoro working place, and handmade silk working place. Continuation to Fianarantsoa. Night at hotel Cotsoyanis

Day 18 Fianarantsoa - Antananarivo

Last day of the whole trip : drive from the betsileo territory to the capital of Madagascar. Stop according to the interest. You can stop at the local market along the road if you want to buy souvenirs. Our drive can drop you off at the hotel of your choice (on your expense) or at the airport. END OF OUR SERVICE

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