• Day 01 | Antananarivo - Antsirabe | Hotel Arotel
  • Day 02 | Antsirabe - Morondava | Hotel Vezo Beach
  • Day 03 | Morondava - Bekopaka | Hotel Orchidée
  • Day 04 | Bekopaka | Hotel Orchidée
  • Day 05 | Bekopaka - Morondava | Hotel Vezo Beach
  • Day 06 | Morondava - Antsirabe | Hotel Arotel
  • Day 07 | Antsirabe - Andasibe | Hotel Lemurs Lodge
  • Day 08 | Andasibe | Hotel Lemurs Lodge
  • Day 09 | Andasibe - Tamatave - Foulpointe | Hotel Manda Beach
  • Day 10 | Foulpointe - Mahambo - Sainte Marie | Hotel Libertalia
  • Day 11 | Sainte Marie | Hotel Libertalia
  • Day 12 | Sainte Marie | Hotel Libertalia
  • Day 13 | Sainte Marie - Mahambo - Tamatave | Hotel H1
  • Day 14 | Tamatave - Antananarivo | Hotel NOT INCLUDED


Discover the highlights of Madagascar by 4x4 within two weeks. This is the best seller as it is two-in-one with the tsingy of Bemaraha and alley of baobab with Sainte Marie island in one proposal. It doesn’t require internal flight. The most popular photo of Madagascar are obviously the alley of baobab and the tsingy of Bemaraha. Inside the spectacular mineral of Tsingy of Bemaraha there are over 11 species of lemur, 90 species of birds and 50 types of reptile. Designated a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1990, this complex is made of the small Tsingy, the gorge of Manambolo and the big Tsingy. The “Alley of Baobab” is one of the most popular places in Madagascar to experience the beauty of the large baobab trees and a perfect photography location. Andasibe-Mantadia National Park (Perinet) is a must-to-see with his unique wildlife, orchids, other rare plants, many species of lemurs, reptiles, and amphibians. You will have time to relax few days in the paradise island of Sainte Marie surrounded by white sand and coconut palms. You can go for whale watching tour from mid-June to September to see humpback whales. It is even more attractive.
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Day 01 Antananarivo - Antsirabe

After a brieffing at the hotel and check out, you start to drive along the RN7. Crossing typical landscape of the central highlands, you drive along a sinuous road and terrace rice fields. Coming closer to Antsirabe, various fresh products from the fields are displayed along the road. Many families in the highlands are celebrating a famadihana in winter time around August. This is a traditional bone turning ceremony. They take the silk-coffin out of the tomb, and then celebrate by carrying the dead along the road while singing and dancing. It is a big day for the entire large family. Arrival to Antsirabe after four hours drive. Check-in to the hotel. In afternoon, you will have a city tour in Antsirabe. It is the third biggest city in Madagascar. With its fresh air and cool climate all year round, Antsirabe is the favourite place of european people living in Madagascar from colonisation time. We take a tour around the city to visit the local craftsmen, famous for making tiny bikes and cars with recycled material, and working with zebu horn. Tour of the city. Night at hotel Arotel

Day 02 Antsirabe - Morondava

Early departure from Antsirabe. You follow during a short time the large valley of the Vakinankaratra until Betafo and Mandoto with green ricefields . The land is drier and there more hills that makes a beautiful yellow-reddish landscape nearby Miandrivazo. Stop at Miandrivazo for lunch (in your expense). Continuation to Morondava in afternoon. You will find the first baobab after Ankilizato and there will be more and more until Morondava. Night at hotel Vezo Beach

Day 03 Morondava - Bekopaka

After breakfast, you leave Morondava to the Tsingy of Bemaraha National park. All along this road, you will see baobab trees, oxcart wagon, and colorful local market. On the way you can obviously discover some Sakalava tribe tombs because of their size and their unusual paints decorations. You drive offroad for three hours to ‘Tsimafana’. From there, you cross the Tsiribihina river by ferry for more than thirty minutes. On the other side of the river, you arrive to Belo sur Tsiribihina where you will have a lunch (on your expense). After the break for lunch, you drive again to Bekopaka. For information, Bekopaka, is the village with hotels next to the Tsingy of Bemaraha. This second section of road last for three to four hours. You will travel with greating of kids dancing along the street and ask for candies . Arrival to the second Manambolo river before the sunset. Night at hotel Orchidée

Day 04 Bekopaka

This day is dedicated to the visit of « big tsingy of Bemaraha » : Departure from the hotel as early as possible after breakfast. You will meet the local guide and take the harness at the office of the guide. Drive pas the village of Bekopaka and continue for one hour for seventeen kilometers to arrive to the parking of big Tsingy. Young people looking for adventure can start with broadway circuit before the andamozavaky trail. The big tsingy is a trekking through « moon like » sceneries unique to Madagascar. A vast forest of sharp eroded karts’ pinnacles of 60 meters high. On these fragment of rocks you may see lemurs. The vegetation in the canyons is exceptional, a wonder of nature. Visitors can explore the Tsingy safely through boardwalks, cable ropes, steps, steel ladders or hanging bridges. Depending to your fitness, the visit can last till more than 5 hours consisting of trekkings and impressive trails. Not for claustrophobia and people having vertigo. Night at hotel Orchidée Drive back to the hotel and relax or visit of small tsingy for the rest of the day. Night at hotel Orchidée

Day 05 Bekopaka - Morondava

After breakfast you leave Bekopaka for the road back to Morondava. Lunch time in Belo sur Tsiribihina (on your charge) before crossing the river by ferry-boat. Continuation toward Morondava. Later you make a halt to see the impressive “baobab in love” and the famous Baobabs Alley, the most photographed site in Madagascar; these majestic baobabs (Grandidier) offers a natural special landscape at sunset. Night at hotel Vezo Beach

Day 06 Morondava - Antsirabe

Departure from Morondava to Antsirabe. Stop according to the interest. Lunch in Miandrivazo (on your expense) at Princesse Tsiribihina. You will drive through the hills of Menabe and Vakinankaratra in afternoon with a good light for picture. Arrival to Antsirabe late in afternoon. Night at hotel Arotel

Day 07 Antsirabe - Andasibe

Continuation to Antsirabe. Drive past Antananarivo and join the national road number two (RN2) that connect the capital of Madagascar to the biggest port of the country. Visit of Perieyras reserve an exotic park to see diffrent species of reptile, chameleons, snakes, and frogs. Continuation to Andasibe. Night at hotel Lemurs Lodge

Day 08 Andasibe

Visit of Andasibe national park in the morning for 04 hours at least. This is the best place to experience wildlife in rainforest.
Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is a protected rainforest area in eastern Madagascar. The park includes the Analamazaotra Reserve, home to the large indri lemur, which is known for its distinctively loud song. The park’s rich biodiversity includes native species like the big Parson’s chameleon, plus rare orchids and ferns. Trail circuits weave through dense forest, lakes and the Sacred Waterfall. You can choose yours with the guide of parks.
Visit of the Vakona reserve in afternoon where you can feed, touch lemurs and make a selfie with one of them on your shoulder. In addition to the brown lemurs, black and white ruffed lemurs and the bamboo lemurs in the main island, you can go for a canoe tour to see the red ruffed lemurs, and the ringtailed lemur or lemur catta.
After the island of lemurs, you can visit the lake of crocodile with some animal in cage including the fosa or cryptocropta ferox, snakes, and birds. There is also a small representative of house construction in betsimisaraka ethnic group. Nightwalk at nightfall to see mouselemurs, amphibians and reptile. Night at hotel Lemurs Lodge

Day 09 Andasibe - Tamatave - Foulpointe

Back to the national road, drive past Antsampanana and Brickaville. Antsampanana is one of the famous place to experience Madagascar market. Bananas, corrosol, letchi, pocanel and other fruit arrive from villages along the canal of pangalanes by raft, boat and train. You will enjoy the panorama from the brighe of Brickaville. Continuation to Tamatave which is far of two hours from Brickaville. You can see litchi-tree, cloves-tree, cinnamon tree along the road. Lunch (in your expense) in Tamatave. Departure to Foulpointe. Arrival scheduled to late in afternoon. Night at hotel Manda Beach

Day 10 Foulpointe - Mahambo - Sainte Marie

Short drive to Mahambo or to Soanierana Ivongo depending to the circumstance. Departure time is adjusted according to the road condition and boarding place to Sainte Marie. While boarding in, you will see that the boat-transfer is the best option to come-and-go to Sainte Marie from mainland of Madagascar. The transfer will last from one to three hours. A lot of Sainte Marie inhabitants go to Tamatave for shopping and use the ferry to bring back home chickens, groceries, bikes… Fortunately the Ferry service is well organized and more confortable than cargo-boat. The driver/guide will stay with the car in Mahambo or Soanierana Ivongo. You will be in Sainte Marie on your own. Transfers dock – hotel is included and ensured by the hotel. Night at hotel Libertalia

Day 11, 12 Sainte Marie

Beach time in Sainte Marie Island at hotel Libertalia. You are free to choose your activity (on your expense):
The best way to move around is by bicycle or motor bike. You can rent a mountain bike to go east coast to visit pirate graveyards or just ride along the beach and villages. You can go to “Ile aux Nattes” at the very south of Ste Marie, then take a canoe to go across the lagoon to the other side. The tour of the island on foot along the beach is enchanting. Small restaurants or hotels are along the way to stop for lunch or to refresh. You have a possibility for a sea activity, diving or snorkelling towards the coral reef in this clear water.
When you feel like lazy, you can spend your time at the hotel. Your hotel is nestled amongst lush tropical vegetation with a nice accomodation. This charming hotel has a nice private beach, and guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant or a drink at the bar. A terrace or balcony are featured in certain rooms. You can share your nice time with your friend as there is WiFi. Bike hire is available at the hotel.

Day 13 Sainte Marie - Mahambo – Tamatave

Early transfer from the hotel to the dock (included) in charge of the hotel. You take the boat back to Soanierana Ivongo or to Mahambo. You will meet the driver on your arrival. Departure to Tamatave. You can stop according to the interest. There is no real planning as you didi the same road few days ago. Night at the hotel H1

Day 14 Tamatave - Antananarivo

Departure to Antananarivo early in the morning. Stop according to the interest on the road. There is no real planning as you didi the same road few days ago. It will be a long drive in intense traffic. Our Driver can drop you off at your hotel or at the airport. Hotel in antananarivo not included. END OF OUR SERVICE

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- Are NOT included: lunch, diner, beverage and alcohol, additional activities, tips
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