• Day 01 | Antananarivo - Andasibe | Hotel Lemurs Lodge
  • Day 02 | Andasibe | Hotel Lemurs Lodge
  • Day 03 | Andasibe - Manambato - Palmarium | Hotel Palmarium
  • Day 04 | Palmarium | Hotel Palmarium
  • Day 05 | Palmarium - Tamatave | Hotel Ocean 501
  • Day 06 | Tamatave - Foulpointe | Hotel Manda Beach
  • Day 07 | Foulpointe - Mahambo - Sainte Marie | Hotel NOT INCLUDED


Madagascar is known worldwide for his green forest full of wildlife and nice island. This tour takes you to Andasibe-Mantadia National Park (Perinet) with his unique wildlife, orchids, other rare plants, many species of lemurs, reptiles, and amphibians. The Palmarium reserve is a combination of beach as « nest-of-dream » in contact with different lemurs species including the aye-aye or Daubentonia madagascariensis. The final destination is the paradise of Sainte Marie surrounded by white sand and coconut palms. You can go for whale watching tour from mid-June to September to see humpback whales. It is even more attractive.

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Day 01 Antananarivo - Andasibe

The tour starts in Antananarivo. Drive accross the centre city before taking the national road number two (RN2) that connect the capital of Madagascar to the biggest port of the country. Visit of Perieyras reserve an exotic park to see sifaka, common brown lemurs, chameleons, snakes, and frogs. Continuation to Andasibe. Nightwalk at nightfall to see mouselemurs, amphibians and reptile especially chameleons. Night at hotel Lemurs Lodge

Day 02 Andasibe

Visit of Andasibe national park in the morning for 04 hours at least. This is the best place to experience wildlife in rainforest.
Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is a protected rainforest area in eastern Madagascar. The park includes the Analamazaotra Reserve, home to the large indri lemur, which is known for its distinctively loud song. The park’s rich biodiversity includes native species like the big Parson’s chameleon, plus rare orchids and ferns. Trail circuits weave through dense forest, lakes and the Sacred Waterfall. You can choose yours with the guide of parks.Visit of the Vakona reserve in afternoon where you can feed, touch lemurs and make a selfie with one of them on your shoulder. In addition to the brown lemurs, black and white ruffed lemurs and the bamboo lemurs in the main island, you can go for a canoe tour to see the red ruffed lemurs, and the ringtailed lemur or lemur catta.
After the island of lemurs, you can visit the lake of crocodile with some animal in cage including the fosa or cryptocropta ferox, snakes, and birds. There is also a small representative of house construction in betsimisaraka ethnic group. Night at hotel Lemurs Lodge

Day 03 Andasibe - Manambato - Palmarium

Back to the national road, drive past Antsampanana and Brickaville. Antsampanana is one of the famous place to experience Madagascar market. Bananas, corrosol, letchi, pocanel and other fruit arrive from villages along the canal of pangalanes by raft, boat and train. Short drive off-road to join Manambato in border of the lake Rasoabe which is one of the biggest lakes of the canal of pangalanes. Manambato is a truly enchanting place, one of the most attractive spots of the East Region. You can see litchi-tree, cloves-tree, cinnamon tree along the road.
The canal of Pangalanes is a chain of fresh water lakes (400km long) linked by canals along the Indian Ocean coast. These two waters are only separated by a narrow stretch of land. Historically, these lakes where put together by the French colonists to allow the transportation from the south to the North. The cargo trip ended in Tamatave, the main exporting port of Madagascar. Indeed, the Indian Ocean is too rough to sail along the eastern coast of Madagascar. Your expedition along the Pangalanes Channel starts from here: you will travel by boat for one hour to reach Ankanin’ny nofy, literally the “nest of dreams”. Night at hotel Palmarium

Day 04 Palmarium

The Lodge of Palmarium is the biggest infrastructure of 46Ha in the canal of pangalanes at Akanin’ny Nofy or « nest of dream » at the Lake Ampitabe. This reserve aims to showcase both the varied palm and orchid species in Madagascar – hence the name-. The reserve of Palmarium is a tropical garden full of flowering orchids recommended for botanists. Different species of lemurs from all around Madagascar are introduced and live peacefully into the garden. They are also more habituated to human contact and offer the visitors the ability to get close-up photos with lemurs that you may not get to see if you are only visiting a couple of habitats.
Bungalows are built with local materials like stones, bamboo and palm with en suite bathroom and shower, mosquito nets, private terrace with hammock and easy chairs. Lemurs often come to play on the trees next to the restaurant. Activities at Palmarium Lodge include guided morning walks in Palmarium Reserve (included) to see the various types of lemurs.
During the day you can relax on the lodge’s sandy beach and enjoy swimming in the clear blue waters of the lake. You can also, on your expense, take a boat and go to visit the typical village of Andranokoditra to know more about the betsimisaraka tribe and their culture.
At nightfall, you take a boat to see the rare nocturnal Aye Aye lemur called daubentonia Madagscariensis (included). These eerie hairy creatures destroy plantation and coconut fruit in their natural habitat with his long fingers. Their strange-looking face are considered as a symbol of bad luck for the one who meet them at night in deep forest. All that make them chased by farmers. This species is listed as endangered by IUCN and in CITES Appendix I. Night at hotel Palmarium

Day 05 Palmarium - Tamatave

The boat departure is scheduled right after breakfast but it depends to the final decision of the hotel as they have limited boat for all guest transfer. You leave Palmarium « the nest of dream » and travel by boat along the canal of Pangalanes for more than three hours. All along this expedition, you will enjoy the unique lifestyle along the canal. Accross big lakes connected one another by narrow canals, you will meet local people swimming, washing kitchen tools, fishing in their small « pirogue » with traditional fishing materials, and bigger cargo full of charcoal and timbers. This boat trip will progressively “re-adapt” you to the modern and noisy civilization! Once you land in Tamatave, the peaceful time you had in Lake Ampitabe seems far away. Transfer to the hotel. Our driver can take you to the restaurant of your choice if you prefer to have diner (in your expense) out of the hotel! Night at hotel Ocean 501

Day 06 Tamatave - Foulpointe

Tour of the city of Tamatave : Bazary be, the cityhall with palm trees, and the long beach in front of the biggest ports of Madagascar.
Visit of Ivoloina Park which is more than a zoo : The Ivoloina Forestry Station, in which Parc Ivoloina is situated, is operated by the Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group (MFG). Founded in 1988, MFG is a consortium of zoos, botanical gardens and universities from around the world who pool their resources to fund the conservation of Madagascar’s spectacular endemic fauna and flora species. From teaching environmental education to children at five sites around Ivoloina, to carrying out research and holding capacity building trainings for teachers, farmers and veterinarians, MFG takes a holistic and integrated approach to conservation. The main objective of the captive lemur breeding program is conservation of these endangered lemur species. While some animals were born in the forest, most of the animals at Parc Ivoloina were donated, exchanged with other zoos, or seized by the Malagasy government from illegal operations. All of the animals at Parc Ivoloina were obtained legally. You can walk around the lake in the forest of Niaouly, medicinal plants and ravinala, travellers palm. Departure to Foulpointe, located 90 Km north of Tamatave. You will drive along the coast where you can buy coconuts straight from the roadside.
Visit of the Fort Manda of Foulpointe in afternoon. This is a historic site built in the 19th century to prevent foreign invasion from sea. The thick, timeless walls are made of eggshells, sand and water. The Fort Manda is an old building with no furniture left. People bring offerings to the old tree in the yard to seek blessings from the ancestors' spirits. You can enjoy the beach of Foulpointe after the visit. It is the best beach nearby Tamatave protected by a coral reef. It is so called natural aquarium as you can see the sea-water and fish from the dugout tour.Night at hotel Manda Beach

Day 07 Foulpointe - Mahambo - Sainte Marie

Short drive to Mahambo or to Soanierana Ivongo depending to the circumstance. Departure time is adjusted according to the road condition and boarding place to Sainte Marie. While boarding in, you will see that the boat-transfer is the best option to come-and-go to Sainte Marie from mainland of Madagascar. The transfer will last from one to three hours. A lot of Sainte Marie inhabitants go to Tamatave for shopping and use the ferry to bring back home chickens, groceries, bikes… Fortunately the Ferry service is well organized and more confortable than cargo-boat. END OF OUR SERVICE WHILE YOU ARE ON THE BOAT

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