• Day 01 | Antananarivo - Ankarafantsika | Bungalow of the park
  • Day 02 | Ankarafantsika - Majunga | Hotel Coco Lodge
  • Day 03 | Majunga - Katsepy - Mitsinjo - Soalala | Hotel Al Noor
  • Day 04 | Soalala - Namoroka | Camping
  • Day 05 | Namoroka | Camping
  • Day 06 | Namoroka | Camping
  • Day 07 | Namoroka | Camping
  • Day 08 | Namoroka - Soalala | Al Noor
  • Day 09 | Soalala - Mitsinjo - Katsepy - Majunga | Hotel Coco Lodge
  • Day 10 | Majunga | Hotel Coco Lodge
  • Day 11 | Majunga | Hotel Coco Lodge
  • Day 12 | Majunga - Antananarivo | Hotel NOT INCLUDED


The tsingy of Namoroka is one of untouched place recommended for explorers and adventurers. Camping is obligatory as there is no hotel yet inside the park. The main attraction is the tsingy. It offers a wide range of landscapes and ecosystems. This magnificent scenery becomes more attractive with subtropical forest inside the canyons, marshes and rice paddies, natural pools and caves complexes. There are so many species to be listed. The natural swimming pool is one of the best of Madagascar. You will visit Ankarafantsika national park on the way to get there. You will enjoy the relax time in Majunga or Mahajanga after such adventure.

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Day 01 Antananarivo - Ankarafantsika

The driver pick you up at your hotel as early as possible in order to avoid traffic in Antananarivo during the day time. Your journey starts with a long drive from Antananarivo to Ankarafantsika accross hills and villages. Along the way we will pass the impressive falls of the Betsiboka. Recommended lunch at a local restaurant in Maevatanana (on your expense). The color of the betsiboka river offers a nice panorama and makes it a good place to have a pause. The bridge of Kamory is one of the biggest infrastructure built during the colonisation and rennovated in 2016 by Malagasy government with the same model. You drive past the cross road to the north at Ambondromamy for Ankarafantsika national park. In the late afternoon, you will arrive at Ankarafantsika National Park. Night in a bungalow of the park.

Day 02 Ankarafantsika - Majunga

Visit of Ankarafantsika national park : Ankarafantsika National Park, in northwestern Madagascar, is a mosaic of dense, dry forests. Ankarafantsika is known for its lakes, the last refuges of flagship species. It is also a den for endemic lemurs and birds
The Kingdom of bird and reptile is an easy accessible national park sheltering the last forest in this dry area. Visit of the national park to the lavaka made of eroded canyon. Tour of the lake Ravelobe in afternoon. A walking tour is scheduled in the morning. Itinerary can be decided by yourselves with the local guide. The visit of the park will continue in afternoon with the tour of the lake Ravelobe.).
Departure to Majunga late in afternoon. Night at Hotel Coco Lodge.

Day 03 Majunga - Soalala

Departure from Mahajanga early in the morning. You have to cross the Bay of Bombetoka by ferry Madaba or Boeny to get to Katsepy. It takes almost one hour boat to cross the bay. The ferry is for local people and the departure is often very early in the morning. Mitsinjo is about four hours drive from Katsepy if there is not rain. Indeed, the road can get easilly worst after one hour rain. This track crosses wide savannah dominated by palm trees called Bismarckia nobilis. You arrive to the village of Mitsinjo after the dense plantation of Sugar cane of NAMAKIA. Continuation to Soalala. Soalala means « nice road » but this road is only good for adventurers. View to the lake Kinkony which is the second largest lake of Madagascar recommended for birding in the north-western part of Madagascar. You may see some pink flamingo . You will drive through a savanna and lost villages. Arrival to Soalala in afternoon. Night at hotel Al Noor

Day 04 Soalala - Namoroka

Brieffing with local guide, porters and cook at the office of Madagascar National park. Last market for food while waiting for the ferry. Pack-up everything on the roofrack at the other side of the Bay of Baly. Drive up and down hills until we leave the national road to Besalampy. Continuation along « herbs and savanna » with assistance of the local guide. Arrival to the campsite in afternoon after 50Km from Soalala. Nightwalk around the campsite. Welcome to mora-mora life of adventurers. You will clean-up yourself in a river and marsh. Night in camping.

Day 05, 06, 07 Namoroka

Three days to explore the Tsingy of Namoroka : protected since 1966, it just gained the status of National Park in 2002. It i sonne of the Namoroka offers a wide range of landscapes and ecosystems. It is formed mainly by grassy and shrubby savannas with incredible baobabs, and dry deciduous forest among the tsingy. This is the third tsingy after the tsingy of Bemaraha and the tsingy of Ankarana. The national park is still unexplored as lot of animal species are not listed yet. There is no real trail inside the parks and you will explore with the local guide. You can move from one to another campsite according to your choice. The natural swimming pool of Namoroka is exceptionally blue and very attractive. Night in camping.

Day 08 Namoroka - Soalala

Drive back to Soalala. The baie of Baly is one of the quiet places of Madagascar. You will enjoy the move of sailing dugout and small cargo that local people use to move to Majunga. You can stay in a local restaurant and observe the local life and habits in afternoon. The area was known as a big reserve of Angonoky turtle. Due to illegal traffic, they are kept in a big and high enclosure not open for public visit. Therefore, the excursion around Soalala is very limited. Night at hotel Al Noor

Day 09 Soalala - Majunga

Departure to Mitsinjo. Stop according to the interest on the road. Continuation to Katsepy. The view to the bay of Bombetoka is very nice with the red soil and coconut trees. The 4x4 must wait for the ferry. It can be very long. You can can take speedboat to Majunga on your expense and start to enjoy the comfort of the hotel La Roche Rouge and the beautiful sunset. Night at hotel Coco Lodge

Day 10, 11 Majunga

Two days relax to discover and to enjoy life in Mahajanga :
Majunga is one of the most popular native and foreigners for its various animations. Mahajanga, founded by the Arabs in 1700s, traded with weapons, slaves, precious gems, spices, fabrics. Nowadays, it trades with mostly Africa, Middle-east, Asia and Europe. Apart from Malagasy peoples, the city counts important Arab, Comorian, Chinese, Indian-Pakistanese natives' communities, that makes it the most cosmopolitan region in Madagascar. Apart from that, She is also known for its large beaches like small beach « Petit Plage » and Grand Pavois. Further to the beach place, you can go to cirque rouge. According to local legend, Cirque Rouge was the territory of a dinosaur. More cultural, the sacred lake is a very enchanted sacred and well protected place, with many stories and legends, that you can't miss. The sweet waters of the lake are absolutely magical, and the fact that the fishes living there belong to salt waters of the ocean, is magical. Here you can see lemurs, chameleons, baobas trees, crocodile, and a lot more! You can go to Antsanitia if you are looking for romantic place. Night at Coco Lodge

Day 12 Majunga - Antananarivo

Early departure to Antananarivo. This is a long drive back to Antananarivo - Stop according to the interest. Hotel NOT INCLUDED

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