• Day 01 | Antananarivo - Sambava (flight) | Hotel Las Palmas
  • Day 02 | Sambava - Manantenina - Marojejy | Bungalow of the park
  • Day 03 | Marojejy | Bungalow of the park
  • Day 04 | Marojejy | Bungalow of the park
  • Day 05 | Marojejy - Manantenina - Sambava | Hotel Las Palmas
  • Day 06 | Sambava - Vohemar - Daraina | Camp Tattersalli
  • Day 07 | Daraina - Ambilobe - Ankarana | Hotel Ankarana Lodge
  • Day 08 | Ankarana | Hotel Ankarana Lodge
  • Day 09 | Ankarana | Hotel Ankarana Lodge
  • Day 10 | Ankarana - Nosy Be | Hotel NOT INCLUDED


Discover Marojejy, Camp Tattersalli, Ankarana National park, and Nosy Be. This is an amazing experience in the north of Madagascar for nature, wildlife and beach. For information, 90% of Marojejy national park is covered with original primary forests. The list of plants and animals is truly impressive with high rate of endemicity. Concerning the fauna, 150 species of amphibians including 60 frogs and reptiles live in Marojejy. The most representative lemurs is the critically endangered silky sifaka. Other lemurs found here is Indri, red-bellied lemur, Eastern woolly lemur, aye-aye, bamboo lemur or Weasel sportive lemur. Birds are also very well represented with 118 species including helmet vanga, Madagascar serpent-eagle, velvet asity, cryptic warbler, short-legged ground roller or Scaly ground-roller. The tsingy of Ankarana with his suspended bridge are waiting for you. At the end of the tour, our team will help you to take a boat to Nosy Be. Our service is over when you are on the boat.

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Day 01: Antananarivo - Sambava (flight not included)

Briefing at your hotel. Transfer to the airport in Antananarivo. Fly to Sambava (not included). Our driver welcome you in the airport of Sambava for transfer to your hotel. Briefing with the local guide to make a list of menu to be prepared in Marojejy. You can decide to give the money for the food to the guide or go with him at the market. Sambava is a small town with known for vanila, coconut, rice, coffee and rum flavour. Stroll around in town along the sea front or relax at your hotel saving energy for the hike.
Night at hotel Las Palmas

Day 02 Sambava - Manantenina – Marojejy

The guide buy the last food that he didn’t manage to have the day before. Departure from Sambava at 08 :00 and drive toward Andapa while gaining altitude. Arrival to the entry of the national park. Your driver buy ticket and hire porters and cook. Visit of Marojejy start :
This mountain massif reach 2133 m high. Drive 2km from Manantenina, at the entranceof the park, to Mandena from where you continue on foot. When hiking in the park (no matter what the time of year), wet-weather garments and waterproof bags for holding clothes in backpacks are essential, as are comfortable hiking shoes. A tent and sleeping bag are not necessary if you chose to stay in any of the tented camps in the park. Excellent clear water is found throughout the park, so there is no need to carry bottled water; however, we recommend using a filter and/or purification tablets as a precautionary measure. Mosquito repellent will keep the mosquitoes at bay, and long pants tucked in socks will help to repel leeches. Other than scorpions, there are no dangerous animals in Marojejy.
The Mantella Trek takes you to Camp Mantella, about a four-hour hike from Manantenina. Camp Mantella (elevation 450 m [1475 ft]) has six cabins furnished with beds, mattresses, and bedding. It also has a large sheltered eating area with an assortment of cooking utensils. A campground is located nearby for those who prefer to pitch a tent. This area of lowland rainforest is a good place to see several species of lemurs, many birds (including the helmet vanga) and many species of amphibians and reptiles. The beautiful Cascade de Humbert waterfall is a short walk (800 m) from the camp.
Night at « Bungalow » of the park at Camp Mantella.

Day 03 Marojejy

The Simpona Trek is a continuation of the Mantella Trek, leading from Camp Mantella up to Camp Marojejia (about a two hour hike). Camp Marojejia is located at the transition between lowland and montane rainforest (elevation 775 m [2540 ft]), and is perched on a hillside with stupendous views overlooking sheer granite outcrops and lush vegetation. The camp consists of a sheltered eating area and four cabins furnished with beds, mattresses, and bedding. The name of this trek comes from the Malagasy name for the Silky Sifaka, a beautiful white lemur which is found only in this area. To increase your chances of spotting this elusive animal, you will be assisted by a "Simpona Specialist" in addition to your guide. You continue with The Marojejy Summit Trek from Camp Marojejia to Camp Simpona (elevation 1250 m [4100 ft]), which is then used as a basecamp for the final hike to the peak itself. Next to the campsite you will see lot of frog species andendemic birds.
Night at « Bungalow » of the park at Camp Simpona.

Day 04 Marojejy

Trekking to the summit of Marojejy is a real wilderness experience — one of the most beautiful and wild walks you will likely ever take. High in the moorlands above the cloud-forests, the views from the summit are truly spectacular. After the summit, you go back to Camp Mantella.
Night at « Bungalow of the park » at Camp Mantella.

Day 05 Marojejy - Manantenina – Sambava

Last day in Marojejy, you go out from the Camp Mantella to Mandena to meet the driver. Drive from Mandena to Manantenina for feedback to the entrance of the park. Then, drive from Manantenina to Sambava.
Night at hotel Las Palmas

Day 06 Sambava – Vohemar - Daraina

Drive from Sambava to Vohemar. You have a big chance to see chameleons next or crossing the roads. Continuation to Daraina through a typical landscape of the North East of Madagascar. The population of Daraina comes from all around Madagascar looking for gold. A visit of mining site can be arranged according to the circumstance. Arrival to Camp Tattersalli late in afternoon. The chalet-restaurant is in the middle of the camp and offers a wonderful panorama. Nightwalk to see the famous golden-crowned lemur, the "Propithèque of Tattersalli" and the biggest nocturnal lemur "Aye Aye".
Night at Campsite.

Day 07: Daraina - Ambilobe – Ankarana

Visit of Camp Tattersalli or White Lemur Camp: the activities allow the meeting of the incredible flora and fauna of Madagascar. Indeed, several circuits are proposed, including one with the lemurs and one with baobabs in addition to the tour to Lake Sahaka, and to the vanilla plantation. Back to the main road RN5. You will drive past Betsiaka, the hometow of Zafy Albert, President of the republic of Madagascar from 1993 to 1996. Zafy died of a stroke on 13th October 2017 at a hospital in Saint-Pierre in the French overseas department of Réunion at the age of 90. Once in Ambilobe, the RN5 is over and you drive the old paved road RN6 to Ankarana.
Night at hotel Ankarana Lodge

Day 08: Ankarana

Visit of the Ankarana National Park : The Ankarana National Park is characterised by limestone emerging from a basaltic plain 50m above sea level, forming the tsingy asa sharp limestone karst pinnacles. Numerous underground caves and canyons traverse the massif. Its dense forests support one of the largest populations of crowned lemurs. Sanford's brown lemur, perrier's black lemur, northern sportive lemur and dwarf lemurs, ringtailed mongoose, fossa, tenrecs and Madagascar striped civet are also a common sight. Almost 100 bird species, 50 reptiles including some endemic and threatened snakes and geckos, and 10 frogs cohabit in the Park. Inside the spectacular and huge labyrinth of caves there are also 14 bat species, local endemic blind shrimps and the world's only known cave-living crocodiles. The itinerary depends to your brieffing with the guide of the park and it is highly recommended to discover the Tsingy Rary or the turrets of the tsingy.
Night at the hotel Ankarana Lodge

Day 09 Ankarana

Departure from Mahamasina in the morning. Drive past Anivorano village to the tsingy Rouge. From Ankarana to the north, the road becomes bad (broken tar) but the beautiful landscape will compress the travel time. Drive offroad to the « Tsingy Rouges», the red tsingy, through the mountains. The Red Tsingy is composed of sandstone, marl and limestone. Their balance is fragile. A little walk in the area, then drive back to Ankarana. Night at hotel Ankarana Lodge

Day 10: Ankarana – Nosy Be

Drive to Ankify which is a small harbour from where you can reach Nosy Be on an half an hour crossing with local speed boat. End of our service once you are on the boat to Nosy Be. Hotel in Nosy Be is NOT INCLUDED

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